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Suffolk County Construction Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt on a construction site, contact a construction accident lawyer in Suffolk County. They can help you get coverage for the suffering you’ve experienced.

Even with government regulations, construction sites can be dangerous places. Heavy machinery, falling objects, and motor vehicles can all lead to serious injuries. Accidents happen, but what if you were injured because someone was being careless with your safety? 

At the Law Offices of Dennis Smith, PLLC, we know how tough it can be to recover when you’re hurt in a construction accident. We also know a Suffolk County construction accident lawyer can be vital to getting your compensation following a serious construction accident.

Types of Suffolk County Construction Accidents

Although regulations keep many construction sites safer, that doesn’t mean they’re perfectly secure. Accidents happen, and someone’s carelessness can cause a serious accident. For example, if a construction worker motioned for you to drive through the site, but you were hit by another driver on your way through, you may be due compensation for their carelessness. 

Below are a few common accident types suffered by Suffolk County construction workers and residents: 

How Do I Get Compensated for a Suffolk County Construction Accident? 

After a Suffolk County construction accident, you need compensation for your losses. But what are your options when someone is careless? 

If you’re not a worker on the construction site, you may be eligible to sue the employer for your injuries. They’re responsible for the actions of their employees, which means they’re responsible when someone is hurt at the hands of their employee. 

Many employees have the option to sue, too. For example, let’s say you fell from a height and injured your spine. Investigations may show that your harness broke because your employer didn’t ensure it was up to the right standards. In these cases, you may have grounds for compensation because their carelessness put you in danger. 

New York Laws Impacting Your Suffolk County Accident Claim

You may be ready to file your Suffolk County construction accident claim, but state laws can impact your personal injury claim. For example, you have just three years to file a lawsuit in New York. If you don’t file on time, your claim can be dismissed and you’ll be stuck without compensation. 

You may also receive blame from the at-fault party, which can hurt your chances of receiving your maximum compensation. If you accept part of the blame, your compensation may be reduced by that amount. Because this can leave you paying out of pocket for your losses, you may need to speak with your construction accident lawyer about your defense against accusations of fault. 

Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer in Suffolk County 

When you’re hurt in a construction accident, you may be due compensation for your devastating injuries. But you may not have the tools you need for a successful lawsuit.

In these cases, a lawyer from the Law Offices of Dennis Smith, PLLC can help. Your Suffolk County construction accident lawyer can help you get your max compensation, starting with a free consultation. To begin, call 212-835-1699 or fill out the online contact form below. 



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