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Long Island Personal Injury FAQ

When you’re injured, recovering can be a difficult and complex process. You may have more questions than answers in the aftermath of your accident. 

If you have questions about your claim, check out the questions we’ve answered below. Then, give a Long Island personal injury lawyer a call about the details of your claim. 

How long will it take to settle my personal injury claim? 

It depends on the circumstances of the personal injury and who was at fault. Deadlines can be as soon as thirty days from the date of the accident, so it is imperative you contact a Long Island personal injury lawyer immediately. 

When you’re hurt, you don’t have forever to file a lawsuit for the costs and suffering you’ve experienced because of your injury. Because the clock is already ticking, it’s important to act as soon as possible on your claim, so reach out for help if you’re running out of time. 

Can I sue on behalf of another person? 

A loved one who’s unable to sue on their own may need help. That’s often the case for minors or those with disabilities that make it impossible to stand trial. In these cases, you and your personal injury lawyer may have grounds to seek guardianship and represent your loved one in court. 

What damages am I due for my injuries? 

Because of your injuries, you may be eligible for damages that cover both the economic and non-economic suffering you experienced. Your economic damages, for example, may cover the medical bills and property damage you suffered. These damages can typically be added up based on the bills and costs you’re already facing, as well as estimates of your future costs. 

Your non-economic damages, in contrast, should cover the pain and suffering and other intangible hardships your injuries caused. These damages can be more difficult to calculate, so be sure to speak with your attorney before seeking compensation for these damages. 

What if I can’t afford an attorney? 

You may have heard stories about the costs of hiring a lawyer, but that’s not the case for personal injury lawyers. We work through contingency fees, which means you’ll pay a percentage of your compensation based on the outcome of your claim. 

That means if we don’t win for you, we don’t get paid. That keeps our services affordable to people in need after an accident, so they don’t have to pay out of pocket. 

What if I’m partly at fault for my personal injury? 

Admitting you were partially at fault for your injury can hurt your claim in severe ways. For example, let’s say you were accused of texting and driving, and you’re found 20 percent at fault. That means you’ll only receive 80 percent of the compensation you’d be due for your recovery, even if the other party’s negligence is responsible for most of the incident. 

Because of this, you may need to speak with a lawyer first. Make sure you’re prepared to defend your claim before your day in court. 

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