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Islip Personal Injury Lawyer

After a serious injury, you need compensation to cover your needs. Your personal injury lawyer can help you build a claim and take it to Islip court when you’re suffering.

When a serious accident happens, it’s not easy to get compensated and move on from your injuries. Often, the at-fault party is unwilling to pay for the damage they caused, and they may even try to blame you for the injuries you suffer. That leaves you and your family struggling under the weight of those debts and losses. 

You don’t have to accept that situation and move on. You can instead work with a lawyer from the Law Offices of Dennis Smith, PLLC. Your Islip personal injury lawyer has the tools you need to recover from your losses and get compensated. We’ll be beside you every step of the way. 

Liability for an Islip Personal Injury 

After a serious injury in Islip, you need to know who’s at fault for your injuries. The at-fault party isn’t always obvious, especially because personal injury claims cover many types of injuries. 

For example, you may know who’s at fault in a car accident when another driver collides with you, or a distracted driver hits you while riding a bicycle. But who’s at fault when your medication causes a dangerous reaction and you’re hospitalized because of a medication error? Who’s at fault when a dog bites you? 

Often, the person responsible for safety involving the cause of your injuries is at fault. Let’s say you were attacked by a dog. The dog’s owner is responsible for ensuring their dog doesn’t bite anyone. If you’re hurt by a medical error, the doctor or pharmacist  could be at fault for your suffering. 

If you’re not sure who caused your injuries and suffering, discuss your losses with a dedicated personal injury lawyer in Islip. They have the tools needed to get you compensated for the suffering you experienced.

You May Be Due Compensation for Your Islip Injury 

No matter the accident, the resulting injuries can have long-term or even lifelong effects. Those losses caused by the accident, or damages, can be difficult to calculate without help. 

Your personal injury lawyer has the tools you need to find your economic and non-economic damages. When you’re facing future consequences and intangible suffering, it’s tough to get an exact price tag for the suffering you’ve experienced. After all, how do you determine how much the pain and suffering of a broken bone is worth? 

Your lawyer can provide the tools and calculators you need to crunch those numbers. They can help you calculate these losses and can represent you in court to pursue that compensation. 

Connect with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Islip 

When you’re hurt in a serious accident, you may need help getting compensated for those losses. Your Islip personal injury lawyer is on your side when you’re suffering. 

Starting with a free consultation, your lawyer from the Law Offices of Dennis Smith, PLLC can help you get compensated for your Islip accident and recover from your suffering. When you’re ready to act on your claim, call 212-835-1699 or complete the online contact form below.



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