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How Does Your Car Insurance Deductible Work After an Accident?

As a New Yorker, you know that you need to have an active car insurance policy in order to operate your vehicle and that this vehicle must have a minimum amount of coverage in order to be in compliance with the state’s car insurance laws. 

But that may be the extent of what you know about your auto insurance policy. Until you’ve been involved in an accident and need to file a car accident claim, understanding how your car insurance policy—in particular, your deductible—works may not have seemed that important.

Now that you’ve been injured and are facing all of these unexpected costs, it’s critical that you figure out how to get through this difficult time in your life. Read on to learn more about how car insurance works in New York and how your policy, including your deductible, will impact you financially.

New York Car Insurance Laws

New York is a no-fault state for car insurance and accidents. This means that your own auto insurer will be responsible for compensating you even when someone else is responsible for the accident. 

Even though you are only required to carry the state’s minimum amount of coverage, having higher amounts of coverage will matter if you’re involved in an accident because your insurer will have an obligation to cover up to the highest limit of your policy. 

But just because you’re dealing with your own auto insurance company doesn’t mean getting your settlement is going to be easy. The insurer will lose money when they settle your claim, so you can bet that they’ll look for an opportunity to reduce the amount they pay out on your car accident claim. 

Having a car accident lawyer advocating for your right to full compensation is critical if you want to avoid being taken advantage of in this way by the insurance company. 

What to Expect After Your Car Accident

After your car accident, your insurance company will likely require that you cover a certain part of your property damage and medical expenses. This portion that you cover before the insurance company covers the rest is called your deductible. 

In cases where the accident wasn’t your fault, your auto insurer may be willing to waive the deductible and instead they can recoup that cost from the liable party through a process called subrogation. But this may not always be the case. 

If you are unable to cover the amount of your deductible and the insurer is refusing to compensate you, it may be in your best interests to get help from an experienced car accident attorney. 

Meet with a Car Accident Lawyer About Your Options

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