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3 Reasons to Never Discuss Your Accident with the Insurance Company

Having to deal with the insurance company is one of the most difficult aspects of any car accident claim. Since New York is a no-fault state for car accidents, you may be thinking that your negotiations will be easier, since you’ll be filing a claim with your own auto insurer. Unfortunately, the likelihood of easier negotiations is quite slim, whether you’re dealing with your own insurer or that of the liable party. 

To better prepare you for what’s to come regarding the insurance company, we have provided more information below about how insurers handle tend to car accident claims and how to avoid making one of the most common mistakes accident survivors make: discussing the accident with the insurance company. 

Insurers Care About the Company, Not You

The insurance industry has one of the highest profit margins of any industry in the world. This is because they collect significantly more money from policyholders than they pay out in injury settlements. For this reason, the insurance company is driven to do everything possible to reduce the amount they pay out when policyholders are involved in accidents. 

If they pay out what your claim is actually worth, that would diminish their financial gains. For this reason, it is imperative that you do not speak with the insurance company without first talking to your lawyer. You never know what tricks the insurance company may have up its sleeves. 

You Could Settle for Less Than You Deserve

We actually do know some of the most common tricks used by insurers here at the Law Offices of Dennis Smith, PLLC. One is the good ol’ “Here’s an offer” trick. The insurance company starts by making you an offer, and you’re thrilled because you need the money. 

But in all actuality, the value of your losses may far exceed the amount offered to you. The insurer will often make an offer quickly when they know that if they fight the claim, they could end up paying out far more. Before ever accepting an insurance settlement, you should review your offer with your Long Island car accident lawyer first.

The Insurer Could Take Advantage of You

You should also never speak to the insurance company about your claim because it’s very possible that you’ll be taken advantage of. The insurer seems friendly enough, so you chat away about what happened and are just having a conversation about what you went through. But this is actually you giving the insurance adjuster a statement.  

Then, it turns out that the insurance company fights your claim—maybe because you said you felt guilty. This manipulation of your words to make you seem more at fault for the accident is common. But your Long Island car accident lawyer will be prepared for these tactics and do everything possible to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement from the insurance company.

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